SARAH + LAURENT’s maternity session in BOUCHERVILLE, QC

I am now realizing at how many sessions I photographed last year! One of them was the amazing fall maternity shoot I had with Sarah and Laurent.

You know how people say: “Everything Happens for a Reason”?

In 2014, I underwent my first hip surgery. Despite how unfortunate it was to need orthopedic intervention at an age most consider “young”, meeting Sarah was one of the positive aspects that came out of it. After surgery, I had to go to physical therapy twice a week and that is where I met Sarah. She was the clinic’s occupational therapist. We’d often end up chatting about the wedding she was planning as I was doing squats in the mini-gym. Time went by so much faster when she was there!

I eventually left that clinic but luckily Sarah and I did not lose touch. Hanging out with her is just so simple, so natural. Her warm, calm, and sweet nature are only a few of the things I love about her. I was SO excited when I found out that she and Laurent were expecting their first child, and I was ecstatic when she asked me to photograph the pregnancy!

I had never met Laurent before, so it was a true pleasure getting to know him and seeing the dynamics between the two. They were simply adorable together and capturing their love was such an easy task. We walked around Iles Boucherville for little over two hours, and it was so nice to enjoy the amazing weather in such great company.

Congratulations Sarah and Laurent! I cannot wait to meet your beautiful baby girl, Naomi.