I am so glad I was able to photograph Samara, Christopher, and their beautiful baby boy, Ezra!

Samara and Christopher are the masterminds behind Sarelle Photos, a wonderful wedding photographer duo. It is funny because we had seen our names in online forums, but we had never actually met! They are currently living in Ontario, so I was so glad our schedules lined up since they were visiting family in town. Even though I was initially nervous (photographing photographers is always a bit more stressful!), the feeling all went away the second I walked through the door. They both greeted me with long, loving hugs, and I must admit that I do have a weakness for good hugs! We chatted about how crazy it was that we never met, even if they previously lived in Montreal!

And then I had the opportunity to meet their adorable son, Ezra. He had the cutest little face, I just wanted to bite into his big, squishy cheeks. Even though the family session was only an hour, we were able to capture great moments with the parents, but also with their two doggos: Soya & Tofu!

It has been amazing seeing Ezra grow (yes, I am stalking you on Instagram, Samara!), and it seems that he is just getting cuter and cuter by the minute. I really hope we have the opportunity to meet up for a photo session again in the future!