ROBERT + STÉPHANE’s wedding at HOTEL NELLIGAN in Old Montreal, QC

This summer, I had the pleasure of photographing Robert and Stéphane’s wedding. You may remember these names, as I recently posted their engagement session!

In every couple, there’s one of the two that’s “the calm one”. I’m that person when it comes to myself and my husband. I quickly recall a time where we were driving from Lyon to Paris to catch our morning flight. We had miscalculated how much time it would take and realized that we didn’t have much leverage. And then we weren’t on the right highway. My husband was freaking out, worried we would miss our flight. I too knew there was a risk we’d miss our flight, but I had to stay calm and say “I’m sure we’ll be ok! Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine”. Up until the time we had passed security, I knew I had to remain chill as my husband did not need any additional worry.

Robert was that calm person. I loved to see how reassuring he was to Stéphane, who was a little more nervous due to the changing weather. They had to make a last-minute decision to know if the ceremony would be held outside or inside Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal. It was a lot of pressure because the setting outside was beautiful, but the menacing clouds made everyone feel a little worried. Robert reminded Stéphane that Anaïs – from KA Mariage – would make the room beautiful if the ceremony would be held inside and that the most important was the fact they were getting married. After a few stressful minutes, they made the decision to have it indoors, which thankfully was the right one: it started raining cats and dogs once the ceremony started!

It was evident to myself and all their friends & family how much the two love each other. The way they looked at each other was so true and passionate. The high-emotion ceremony then turned into a fun-filled reception in a beautifully-decorated room. Everyone went through a large range of emotions from the touching speeches to the fun games that were played throughout the night. I find it amazing how I get to know people in such a short period of time. I was really touched to see how loving and caring Stéphane was, not only towards Robert but also everyone present at the wedding. He even apologized profusely when he realized he had forgotten to thank me during his speech!

Thank you SO much Robert and Stéphane, it was truly an honour to meet you and photograph your wedding. You two have been amazing, and I hope we get to work together again in the future!