ROBERT + STEPHANE’s engagement session in OLD MONTREAL, QC

Robert and Stephane are a very special couple to me: they are the first people to take part in this crazy journey of starting my own business under Genero Photo. They were referred to me by the amazing Kim at KA Mariage, and we immediately hit it off during our Skype meeting. I hadn’t even launched my official website at that point, so I was truly touched to see the trust they had in me from the very beginning.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, where we all met in beautiful Old Montreal for their engagement session. One of the first thing Stephane said was: “does it ever happen that NONE of the photos are good?”

Robert quickly looked at him and said “STEPHANE! Omg! She knows what she is doing!!!” to which Stephane replied “No! I mean…like…one of the two is so awkward that it ruins all the photos”. I quickly reassured them and confirmed that it has never happened and that the session will go perfectly fine.

I must admit, posing Stephane and Robert was challenging at first. And then I knew why Stephane had asked that question. He wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera and he was struggling to simply go with the flow and let go as I was clicking away. After a few tricks like “OK, so, who’s most ticklish?”, the session took a different turn and I could immediately see how they weren’t camera conscious anymore, but simply enjoying their time together. We were extremely lucky to have the sun make an appearance (a rare thing nowadays), and the two hours flew by in no time.

Sometimes, couples ask me “Is it necessary to have an engagement session?”. I don’t think it always is. But having an engagement session is indeed practice for the wedding. It breaks the ice. It gives you a sense of what to expect, without the stress of the wedding day. I’m very happy Robert and Stephane were able to experience it in advance, as even they saw a big difference between the first and last photos of the session. And this isn’t a bad thing! Not everyone feels at ease in front of a camera – heck even I struggle when I’m on the other side! I need guidance from the photographer, and I need to have a strong connection with them so I can entirely trust the process.

Stephane and Robert’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and I honestly cannot wait to capture their big day. They are sweet, funny and absolutely perfect for each other. I am extremely fortunate to meet amazing people through my job. And to be present during one of the most important days of their lives is truly an honour. Much love!