LIU + ANDY: Botanical Gardens engagement session in Montreal, QC

Happy New Year everyone!

I haven’t been at the top of my game when it comes to updating my blog. Enough is enough! What better time to post than now, when it is minus a million degrees outside, and our poor Canadian hearts are slowly crystallizing like the snowflakes on the tip of our noses? This warm, rich fall engagement session will bring back good memories, and temporarily make us forget about the arctic temps!

Surprisingly, over the course of my now 8-year career as a photographer, I have never photographed a couple session at Botanical gardens. How crazy is that? It’s almost like visiting Paris without looking at the Eiffel Tower. There’s a first to everything, and I am so glad I broke the ice with Liu and Andy. These two were absolutely adorable together, and I cannot thank them enough for fully trusting me in capturing their love. “Can you sit on that?,” I initially (hesitantly) asked, only to end up saying things like “Ok! How about you stand over there, yes, where there is mud and the potential of a landslide!” They breezed through the photoshoot like pros. I was gifted with a couple who were so comfortable with each other (and the girl with the camera three feet away), that their chemistry shined through all the images.

The colours were at their peak, making it the perfect backdrop. We arrived during golden hour, taking full advantage of the beautiful light before the sunset, and before the tourists arrived! It was the Chinese Lantern Festival, and the crowds were cueing to pass through the small entrance as we struggled to find the exit! What an adventure that was!

I can’t wait to photograph their big day in August!