KATHERINE + HENG’s engagement session in MONTREAL, QC

I met Katherine and Heng over a year ago, back when I was managing Grey Sparrow Studio. Their wedding was going to be in July 2017, and I remember hitting it off immediately with them. 

With only weeks to go before their big date, we were able to find an evening that worked well on both ends. We discussed shoot locations, and Katherine brought up Ile St-Hélène, as that is where Heng had proposed a few months earlier. I was excited, as I had never officially done a photo session on Ile St-Hélène, and it’s always fun to shoot in new places!

It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool (not one of those mega humid days!) and photographing Katherine and Heng was a breeze. They were super cute together, even if Heng took a few minutes of reflexion when I asked him to give me what he loves most about Katherine (he probably had too many things to choose from!)

Heng even powered through crazy allergies, and I dare you to find the photo in this blog post where he is actually sneezing!

Katherine, Heng, thank you so much for having me capture your engagement session, it truly was a pleasure!