FRANÇOIS + KAYE’s engagement session in Old Montreal, QC

Old Montreal is always such a great backdrop for photos. The stone walls and paved streets bring a French vibe and it’s only normal it’s one of the city’s most visited areas! While thousands of tourists walk through the area, my goal is always to find little quiet nooks that have that Old Montreal feel where my couple won’t be shy to snuggle in front of the camera.

I met up with François and Kaye in Old Montreal for their engagement session. François is from France and is currently living in Montreal for work and Kaye was over for a quick two week visit. Kaye lives and works in Africa, where she helps non-profit organizations. Their wedding will be in Africa, but since they were in town together, an engagement session in Montreal made perfect sense!

We were blessed with beautiful warm light during the entire session, which is a Montreal photographer’s dream this year! We’ve had SO many rainy days, that getting sunlight for two hours during golden hour is worth more than winning the lottery!

Thanks so much François and Kaye, it was amazing meeting you. Wishing you all the best for your big day!