Hey all!

I am glad to share photos of an amazing wedding I photographed a few months ago!
I met Elisabeth and Frank only a few weeks before their wedding and I was so happy they chose to have me capture their big day.

I was also very glad to have the chance of working with the amazing Rachel from La Petite Touche. I knew the wedding was going to be absolutely stunning, which is obviously a treat for us photographers!

And how lucky was I to have the help of the talented Sébastien D’Amour? It was nice to work with him throughout the summer, as I also acted as a second shooter for some of his weddings!

Eli and Frank chose a stunning venue, Le Cirque Eloize, located on the edge of Old Montreal. The ceremony’s dramatic lighting fit the emotions felt by the couple as well as all their friends and family. Not only were their vows sincere and filled with love, but they had a well-kept surprise that made everyone – even the photographers – tear up! You see, Eli and Frank each have a daughter from a previous union. They had written vows for the girls, showering them with love and clearly showing how they considered each girl as their own. It was truly a beautiful moment, and the emotions only got stronger as Eli and Frank offered an exact copy of Eli’s ring for each of the girls. It was the union of not only a bride and groom, but of an entire family. I was choking up behind my camera, gazed towards Sébastien, only to see him using his shirt to wipe off the tears from his face! He also has two beautiful girls, so I could totally see why it struck so close to home!

Once everyone got their emotions together after all those high moments, their breath was quickly taken away as they entered the unbelievable reception room. It was simply magical and everyone was transported to a theatrical enchanted forest. But that wasn’t it! Would you believe me if I said the bride made her entrance on a swing that came down the ceiling as her husband joined, flying in the air? I swear, everyone’s jaw was glued to the ground. Even mine! The evening was filled with heartfelt speeches and crazy partying. If someone asks me why I am a wedding photographer, this is it. It is so I can witness – and capture – the love between a bride, groom, their friends and family, all while enjoying myself as if I was a guest. Oh, and wedding cake, too.

Thank you so much, Eli & Frank, it was SUCH a delight to work with you. Congratulations!!!


(photos in gallery taken by Marie-Christine Genero & Sébastien D’Amour)