VÉRONIQUE + VINCENT séance maternité à La Prairie, QC

Lorsque Véronique m’a demandé si j’étais intéressée à faire une séance maternité avec elle, j’ai tout de suite dit oui! Malgré le fait que je n’étais que quelques semaines post-chirurgie de la hanche, nous avons convenu que ce serait possible tant que nous faisions une petite séance relaxe dans leur maison. Véronique, c’est la douce […]


ANGIE + MEGAN’s day after session in Sutton, QC

You know how life sometimes get in the way? Sometimes, it gets in the way at the worst possible moment. Last August, I ended up needing emergency surgery, which had me out of commission for 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! In the middle of wedding season! Angie and Megan’s wedding was during those four weeks. My […]


Welcome to Genero Photo!

Hello! Welcome to my brand new baby: Genero Photo. I have been working very hard since the beginning of the year to shape the image of my new ventures as a solo photographer. I am very excited to share this with you! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I would […]