ANGIE + MEGAN’s day after session in Sutton, QC

You know how life sometimes get in the way?

Sometimes, it gets in the way at the worst possible moment. Last August, I ended up needing emergency surgery, which had me out of commission for 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! In the middle of wedding season!

Angie and Megan’s wedding was during those four weeks. My heart broke when I had to break the news that I’d be unable to photograph their intimate backyard wedding. Luckily, my colleagues and friends at Grey Sparrow could take over and replace me on their big day. Angie and Megan were in great hands, but I was still disappointed that I could not have them in front of my lens.

That’s when we had the idea of doing a Day After Session. I was thrilled we could work together after all! It was a beautiful sunny day in September, and the session just went magically. The girls got dressed in Megan’s mom’s home, and we drove up to this amazing lookout by the mountains.We had a wonderful time, the girls even gifted me a bottle of Jameson…which was widely consumed at the crazy party they had at their wedding! We stayed in touch after the session, and promised each other we’d grab some food in the neighbourhood, as we both live nearby! Despite life getting in the way, there’s always an alternative to making things work!