ALISON + ARNAUD’s engagement session in Old Montreal, QC

Where has the summer gone!?

Time flies so fast, that I just realized I hadn’t even posted Alison + Arnaud’s engagement session! Their wedding was two weeks ago, so stay tuned for those photos 🙂

I met Alison and Arnaud at the beginning of the year. We chatted over coffee and delicious treats at Patrice Pâtissier on Notre-Dame Street. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will definitely want to stop by, every single dessert tastes like it came down straight from heaven!

Our meeting was exactly how I love them: we talked about everything but the actual wedding! At one point, we had to remind ourselves: “Ah! Yes! The wedding!” and go over the details of how I work, what a typical wedding day looks like, what their expectations are, etc, etc. Alison and Arnaud both have their own businesses. Alison built Bien chez soi, a home care service offered for anyone who needs helps at home with household chores, meal preparation, postoperative care and many other ways of assistance. Arnaud on the other hand, created Atelier & Saveurs, a place where you can take cooking classes, cocktail classes, wine tastings and much more! As they both have people-oriented careers, it wasn’t surprising that our first time meeting was just like talking with friends.

I was more than happy to be able to spend more time with them during the summer, as we had an engagement session planned in Old Montreal. We had to reschedule a few times due to the bad weather but luckily, we managed to squeeze it in a few weeks before their wedding in August! Alison and Arnaud are meant to be together, the chemistry between the two is so easily noticeable. Alison’s bubbly personality perfectly balances out with Arnaud’s quiet and charming energy. We walked around the old streets, passing by Arnaud’s workspace to the Bank of Montreal and then Notre-Dame Basilica. I barely had to do any posing as they were being extra-cute together. Being in front of the camera can be uncomfortable, but it certainly wasn’t the case with these two!

Hope you enjoy these photos!